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DIY key holder

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful people !!! I was off today and I’m so happy that I have time to blog and share my DIY key holder… it’s easy to make it.. no sweat ! LETS GET STARTED !!!!


spray paint ( any color you prefer )
cork board
shapes ( I chose a leaf shape )




I put the tape under the leaf before spraying with the spray paint.


leave it for 1 day to dry thoroughly….


second coat.. and leave it again for another day to dry…


when it dries,  remove the leaf slowly and carefully.. I removed the first leaf too fast, I accidentally ripped the cork board 😦  … learn from my mistakes… LOL !



hope you like it !!!! ♥ 🙂


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My name is not really important but maybe you can call me J. And yes I am a PINTEREST addict... but who cares. Being a Pinterest addict is fun :) . I'm able to learn about new things, I'm able to know some facts about EVERYTHING, and of course I'm able to get some new ideas on what I am going to write for my blog. So if you do like my BLOG I wanted to say thank you very much! and I love you ;) lol.. We could be bestfriends..

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