DIY key holder

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful people !!! I was off today and I’m so happy that I have time to blog and share my DIY key holder… it’s easy to make it.. no sweat ! LETS GET STARTED !!!!


spray paint ( any color you prefer )
cork board
shapes ( I chose a leaf shape )




I put the tape under the leaf before spraying with the spray paint.


leave it for 1 day to dry thoroughly….


second coat.. and leave it again for another day to dry…


when it dries,  remove the leaf slowly and carefully.. I removed the first leaf too fast, I accidentally ripped the cork board :(  … learn from my mistakes… LOL !



hope you like it !!!! ♥ :)

DIY cute frame quote



do it yourself time !!!!! its easy and fun to make it….

All you need is:
• canvas ( any size you want )
• black jumbo marker
• small paint brushes
• paints ( choose your own color ) :)

choose your favourite quote. write it on the canvas. let it dry for 2 mins. and paint it with your favourite color. and.. walahhhhh …..




okay beautiful people…. have fun making it and be IN LOVE.. :)

introducing myself

I am not a good writer or lets just say  just don’t know how to blog. I can probably say that this is my 1 million attempt to be a blogger. Yes, I tried to be a blogger so many times and I end up blogging nothing. There’s a lot of things to talk about but I just don’t know how to  blog it and squeeze my busy schedule so I can blog something. But I guess its all about me making the time for myself once in a while and blog something that I love. To start, my name is Jackie. I am a busy Starbucks partner and working part time as a cashier at Shoppers drugmart. And guess what, I am happy on what I am doing. It’s a privileged to work into a big corporation like this. :)

In my personal life, I have a loving boyfriend and I am grateful to have him in my life. He’s the most loveable,  nicest,  thoughtful, honest, gentleman and funniest person I’ve ever met. and  I know that WE ARE BELONG TOGETHER !!!! ♥♥♥

Hopefully there’s someone out there who are interested to read my blogs in the future and whoever you are.. ADVANCE THANK YOU !!!! :)

★  God Bless!  ★